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OCBC Design System at OCBC Bank
United Design System at UOB

We are proud to introduce the United Design System (UDS), a design system that unifies and harmonises the user experience across all UOB digital platforms. UDS is the result of the Project Unity initiative that we launched in 2021, which aimed to consolidate and streamline seven different design systems that were used for various regions and projects. UDS is not just a collection of UI components, but a comprehensive product that guides our design principles, processes and best practices. UDS has gone through several iterations, starting from a basic MVP version in 2021 to a more refined and robust version nowadays. UDS is one of the most important piece of works from our UOB TMRW designOps team, as it enables us to deliver consistent, efficient and delightful digital banking experiences to our customers.

Side Projects

Design system field notes

Work in progress. More details coming up soon.


Following by our design podcast “Paper and Pain” debuted in 2023, we kicked off the second season with a bit collaboration from the founder of Singapore Product Design community, Leonard Reese. This livestream happens on every other Monday at 8pm SGT on Singapore Product Design discord server.


First time trying doing some front end developing with recent-acquired knowledge in next.js, Tailwind CSS and GIT system. It’s still pretty much on trials and errors but as a eager learner I’m quite passionate to see it’s getting better day by day.


Paper and Pain is a podcast channel for product designers who want to learn more about the industry in Singapore, Southeast Asia and globally. Hosted by Steve and Kris, two product designers based in Singapore, the podcast covers topics such as design trends, challenges, opportunities, and best practices in the industry. Paper and Pain aims to inspire and empower designers to design better products for the world.

Work Experience

2020 — 2023

I collaborated with the UOB product team to design and deliver the UOB Mighty application, focusing on the design language system, customer onboarding, and Merchant Customer Loyalty Program. I conducted UX research and designed the service blueprint for staff-assisted customer onboarding journeys. Additionally, I facilitated design workshops with the country business team using various design thinking techniques, designed prototypes, and participated in usability testing. I also crafted components, tokens, and patterns to build the United Design System (UDS) for UOB TMRW app in multiple Southeast Asian regions.

*Aleph Labs is part of AKQA Group:

2020 — 2020

I led the product design process for an e-commerce platform serving local markets in South East Asia, Taiwan, and Brazil. I collaborated with various teams to design products from ideation to launch, developing clear and effective user interfaces to achieve product and business goals. I designed products systematically, evaluated work with data, and maintained visual and UX patterns for a consistent and intuitive experience.

2016 — 2020

I designed manufacturing process systems for various pharmaceutical multinational corporations. I led a team in incorporating new technologies in building information modelling and virtual design and construction for an old project. I managed a 16-million industrial process system from its design to tender, construction, installation, and commissioning.


2023 — Now

"Friends of Figma" is a community of users who are passionate about Figma, a popular design tool used by designers, developers, and product teams. As a community advocate, my role is to act as a liaison between the Figma team and the community, helping to build a vibrant and engaged community of users.

2015 — 2015
Los Angeles, the United States
  • social studies
  • environmental studies



The Notion essentials badge recognizes proficiency across all Notion features. The test includes everything on Notion from basic text editing to databases and formulas and has a pass rate of 70%.

Certified Scrum Master from Scrum Alliance

The official credential that recognises competency in Scrum project management principles.

Credential ID: 1326824


The Apple Teacher Certification Program is a professional development program designed to help educators learn how to use Apple products in their classrooms.


Experience design team logo hackathon from UOB Experience Design Team

In this 40-min design hackathon the team were tasked to create a logo and design for tumbler and tote bag that will be used for new joint onboarding gifts. The challenge about the task was not just time but also remote collaboration, as our design work were purely done with remote features by FigJam.

TMRW Design Challenge from UOB Design Team

In a fun design challenge, our team made up with two other designers to brainstorm and prototype a loader animation for TMRW app in 20 minutes, winning the highest vote among eight teams and establishing the art direction for future interactions within the app.



Composable technology is an exciting trend that has the potential to transform how we create and use software in the future. It offers many advantages for businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition and deliver value to their customers.


The aesthetic-usability effect reveals how attractive design influences perceived ease of use, requiring careful consideration during user research to prevent masking usability issues while emphasizing the importance of incorporating humor and playfulness for an enjoyable user experience and increased engagement.


UX research, when executed effectively, can save costs and time while demonstrating business goals through various ROI aspects, such as impact, perception, and retention; maintaining records of past findings and issues is crucial, and ROI calculations should be considered estimates, not predictions.


Trust this: a beautiful day is always ended with zero inbox.


Welcome to the new age of financial minimalism.