I developed my interest in biology and medical sciences since a very young age, and it was always my dream to be contribute to an industry where we can benefit human species with care, health and well-beings. I studied bioengineering in university and was fascinated about how technology can help relieve patients' pain, or bringing us towards higher quality of life. I was lucky to receive a returning offer from the company that I had internship with, and devoted my first job into a career that works closely with pharmaceutical MNC clients to help them providing engineering design solutions.
Project Majulah: Coca-Cola & Pacific Refreshments Tuas Expansion
Designed and coordinated process system with contractor, other engineering disciplines and client throughout project execution;
Liaised with client project team with user requirements and incorporated into engineering design and construction cycle;
Prepared and checked technical design documents in accordance with schedules and ensure the compliance with safety, environment and regulations.
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